UIQThe newest version of Symbian UIQ touch-screen OS is out! From the press release: UIQ Technology today released the first public version of the Software Development Kit (SDK) for UIQ 3, its latest version of the software platform, based on Symbian OS. At the same time, Sony Ericsson today announced its latest contribution to the smartphone evolution, the Sony Ericsson P990, which will be the first UIQ 3 based mobile phone coming to market. Software developers around the world can now start creating new, innovative applications for the next generation smartphone.

The recently launched UIQ 3 platform is an open software platform, based on Symbian OS, allowing developers to potentially target all UIQ 3 based phones from different manufacturers, using one single codeline. Applications will automatically receive the look and feel of the device they run on without the need for the developer to write extra code for it. Updates and bug fixes will be identical for all target platforms, and only one code update is needed to propagate it to all UIQ 3 based handsets. Developers will benefit from shorter time-to-market since code written for UIQ 3 will be identical through all handsets, unless device specific features have been used.

Manufacturer specific extensions and application programming interfaces (API’s) can be added to UIQ 3, allowing developers to take advantage of special features, to optimize their applications for specific phones in order to improve interaction and to use the full potential of the phone.

The Sony Ericsson P990 is the first smartphone to utilize the new UIQ 3 platform. Built on Symbian OS v9.1, the P990 is based on the same proven concept and recognizable form factor as previous Sony Ericsson smartphones, allowing developers to create powerful, touch screen-based applications in C++, or in Java™ for both flip open and flip closed modes. UIQ 3 is a flexible software platform that provides a unique opportunity for code-reuse in application development.

Developers are encouraged to register with the new UIQ Developer Program, also announced today, at developer.uiq.com to find more detailed documentation such as a getting started tutorial and participate in the first UIQ 3 discussion forum. On October 26, 2005, the first public beta release of the UIQ 3 SDK will be available for download from the UIQ Developer Program portal.

Sony Ericsson specific extensions and beta API’s will be available from Sony Ericsson Developer World at www.sonyericsson.com/developer during Q4 2005. The extension package will include the Sony Ericsson specific Vibration API and Bluetooth Keyboard API as well as emulator components such as fonts and skins.


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