Samsung S4300 swivelling musicphone

Samsung S4300 1Samsung have announced their latest music phone squarely aimed at the fashionistas among us.

This ultra-slim swivel phone keeps the width down with an unusual two column keypad and a very tall 220x128 LCD screen. It also features a music player and a video player to make best use of the generous 1GB of internal memory. According to the specs there is also a built-in MP3 encoder, presumably to encode recordings from the built-in FM radio and voice recorder. A 1.3 megapixel camera rounds out a good set of specifications, especially considering this handset's diminutive size.

At a mere 86 x 49 x 21mm this phone is positively tiny, but still manages to retain a high-end feature set. All in all we think that Samsung has a winner on their hands with the S4300 - the only things we're not too sure about are the weird keypad and smallish screen.

Via AVing


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