Nokia 9500 Communicator reviewed

Nokia 9500PC Magazine have reviewed the Nokia 9500 Communicator. While giving the phone good marks for it's large 640x200 screen, improved large QWERTY keyboard, and WiFi connectivity, they note several problems including poor EDGE performance, a slow processor and clunky syncing. One interesting point they noted was that despite normally using the Symbian Series 80 interface, when closed the device's external screen emulates the Series 40 interface. They conclude: "To justify the 9500's size and $799 price tag, it should really be a powerhouse of a phone, and it simply isn't. The Nokia 9300 shares the same features and can do most things the 9500 can, except for Wi-Fi and taking decent photos, and because of the 9500's pathetic performance in those areas, not having those two features isn't much of a loss. Meanwhile, more powerful Windows Mobile devices like the Samsung i730 satisfy a need for speed in a way the 9500 can't match."


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