Nokia 5140

Nokia 5140The highly anticipated new Nokia 5140 camera phone, designed specifically for outdoor and sports-minded consumers, has started shipping in Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific and the Americas. The tri-band (EGSM 900, GSM 1800/1900) Nokia 5140 phone is stylish and sporty, and combines durability with a mountain of sports-inspired features. With its durable exterior and active extras, it's the essential training companion for anyone with an active life.  In the gym or on the jogging trail, the Nokia 5140 will keep up with the pace.

Push to talk
The Nokia 5140 is Nokia's first GSM push to talk handset, meaning friends, training mates or your expedition party are merely the touch of a button away. With push to talk, users can instantly connect with an individual or a team (with compatible handsets, of course), to provide updates or instructions, solicit information or simply to chat.  Think of it like a "walkie-talkie" using the GPRS network.

Up for the challenge
The Nokia 5140 is ready for whatever you are!  Perfect for athletes, outdoor adventurers, and fitness enthusiasts alike, it has a variety of features to keep you ahead of the game and ensure you're connected on the move:

  • Race to it - monitor your progress with the interval timer, countdown timer and stopwatch

  • Personal Trainer - the new Fitness Coach feature can help you design your own personal programme for strength, endurance and fitness

  • Tough and rugged - the Nokia 5140 has rugged Xpress-on(TM) shells to improve protection against splashes, dust and bumps

  • Get Serious - for those who are really dedicated to their fitness routine, the new Nokia Fitness Monitor* is a must.  Available in the third quarter, this stand-alone device snaps onto your waistband or belt, and tracks your activity level and calorie consumption.  Team this up with the Fitness Coach on the Nokia 5140, and you can measure the results against your own fitness goals and programme.

    • Location, location, location!
      The Nokia 5140 has a built-in digital compass, to get where you are going.  And for those who really need to keep oriented on the trail, the optional Nokia Xpress-on(TM) GPS (Global Positioning System) shell* is an ideal addition.  The GPS shell fits the handset like a normal cover, but it offers GPS functions such as route guidance, tracking and saving of waypoints, and a record of where you've been.   With a map-based Travel Guide application, users can also see the local points of interest and download maps.

      Greatest sporting moments
      Make sure all your friends and family get to see your sporting achievements.  The Nokia 5140 phone also includes an integrated VGA camera - so when you've reached your destination, snap the view and send it via MMS to your friends.  And you can even add text and sound so they really feel part of your adventure.  The camera's sequential shot feature also means you can take shots in a rapid sequence, with just one touch  perfect for capturing all those action shots.

      * Nokia Fitness Monitor and Nokia Xpress-on(TM) GPS shell each sold separately 
      * Services and some features may be dependent on the network and/or SIM card as well as on the compatibility of the devices used and the content formats supported.


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