Nokia 2855, new mid-range CDMA clamshell

Nokia 2855Nokia have announced a pair of new mid-range handsets with Bluetoot, 160x128 LCD screens, and MP3 playback. Via Mobilewhack, who said "The Nokia 2855 comes in metallic-finish indigo or cabernet and is Nokia's most affordable Bluetooth enabled CDMA phone. You'll get a 128 x 160 262K color display, integrated speakerphone, voice memo recorder, voice dialing, and MP3/AAC ringtone support. The Nokia 6165 has similar features to the 2855 except that it also comes with a 1 megapixel digital camera and built in infrared technology for connectivity purposes. You can also capture, send and video video with the 6165."

That's right folks. Don't be fooled by this talk of "indigo" and "cabernet". This phone will be available in blue for the boys and pink for the girls.

From their press release: Addressing the needs of customers seeking a compact, stylish CDMA handset with Bluetooth technology, Nokia today introduced the mid-range Nokia 2855 and 6165 phones. Each weighing under 4 ounces, both the Nokia 2855 and Nokia 6165 phones are compatible with a wide range of popular Bluetooth technology enabled accessories such as wireless headsets and car kits as well as other Bluetooth technology enabled devices including laptop PC's and even new automobiles. Besides Bluetooth technology, both the Nokia 2855 and 6165 phones feature support for downloadable Java or BREW applications, streaming audio and video content and customizable MIDI ringtones. Both the Nokia 2855 and 6165 phones are expected to be available during the first half of 2006.
"With the Nokia 2855 and 6165 phones, Nokia is filling a gap for Bluetooth technology enabled CDMA handsets at a mid range price point," said Larry Paulson, vice president of product marketing for Nokia's CDMA business group. "Along with the Bluetooth technology, consumers will be attracted by the hallmark Nokia design and will appreciate the ease of use delivered by the signature Nokia user interface, while operators will be drawn by the ability to deliver value-added services like applications, messaging and ringtones."

Nokia 2855 phone
Featuring a bold color palette including metallic-finish indigo or cabernet, the Nokia 2855 phone is Nokia's most affordable Bluetooth technology enabled CDMA handset. The large 128 x 160 pixel 262K color main display is perfect for viewing MMS messages and enjoying the customizable themes that make the Nokia 2855 phone unique for each owner. For maximum productivity on the go, the Nokia 2855 phone features an extensive phonebook with room for up to 500 entries - each allowing for 5 phone numbers, e-mail address, web address and a notes field per entry. Additional features of the Nokia 2855 phone include:

  • Integrated handsfree speakerphone

  • Voice memo recorder and voice dialing

  • High-fidelity MP3/AAC ringtone support

Nokia 6165 phone
The Nokia 6165 phone shares the strong feature set of the Nokia 2855 phone, and builds upon it by adding a full one-megapixel camera with flash and built-in infrared technology to provide support for all major types of connectivity - Bluetooth, USB cable, and infrared. Support for location-based services allow the Nokia 6165 phone to take advantage of mobile applications that take advantage of positioning information for accessing information on nearby points of interest, directions and more. Other unique features of the Nokia 6165 phone include:

  • Support for capturing, sending and viewing video

  • Classic design with bright chrome accents

  • Streaming video


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