T-Mobile Vario (aka HTC Wizard) reviewed

Vario-Open-NiceCoolSmartPhone have posted a very thorough review of the T-Mobile Vario (a rebranded HTC Wizard):

The T-Mobile MDA Vario is built by HTC under the name "Wizard". This is the model that Orange decided NOT to launch in the UK after announcing their variant - "SPV M3000". T-Mobile are launching this in the UK. So, who's made the right decision? T-Mobile or Orange ? Read on!

Despite its hefty size, they give this Windows Mobile phone top marks in virtually every category. They do mention one bug with Windows Media Player, but add that they hope for a software patch to be made available.

The review concludes:

The T-Mobile Vario I tested ran a test build of the Operating System. Performance wise I was very impressed, even after installing old Smartphone 2002 apps or Smartphone 2003 applications that I shouldn't have done. Sure, there's a bit of "think" time when the screen switches orientation, but that is to be expected and it isn't bad by any stretch of the imagination. The screen is very bright, clear and surprisingly useful considering I've used larger Pocket PC's in the past. 

It feels absolutely excellent in the hand and has been given a very camera-looking style to it. The grip supplied by the "dimples" on the back stop you worrying about it sliding out of your hand too. Design, style, elegance - these are words that were previously only mentioned around Motorola or Nokia handsets - however HTC have done a splendid job tailoring this handset. The addition of the keyboard, which is sooooo usable means that I don't need to get that stylus out much at all.

The MDA Vario has smashed through the preconceptions. This is a powerful Pocket PC in a regular phone form-factor. It's small but by gawd it's powerful. This is solid proof to all the women out there that size isn't everything! It's a bit thicker, but a lot smaller. More girth, less size! 

I love the T-Mobile Vario. In fact, I even hassled T-Mobile to let me keep this a bit longer - not for the review - just because I like using it. This device was a "loaner", but I want one, I want one right now.


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