Sony-Ericsson M600i reviewed

M600I Life1 While we normally respect the opinions of the fine folks over at TrustedReviews, in this case we must respectfully disagree with their conclusions. Their 'left-handed' comment doesn't make any sense to us, surely a left-handed person will hold the stylus in their left hand - which makes the location of the scroll wheel perfect for a right-handed user. This is of course presuming it is used as a thumb wheel, as shown in the image to the right. Speaking of which, we think that after just a few days of use they would fall in love with the scroll wheel. Almost everything on a phone screen scrolls vertically which makes the wheel, in our opinion, the perfect interface. We covered the M600 when it was announced back in February.

Lefties will love that the M600i seems to have been designed with them in mind, as the wheel and the stylus housing are on the left side of the casing.

In the looks department and the all important aspect of data entry the M600i is superb. Its large screen and very clever and usable text entry system both deserve high praise.

But I found the scroll wheel less wonderful to use, and the UIQ user interface is bit confusing at times. And any touch screen that precludes the use of a finger by having very small icons is doing itself and its users a disservice.

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