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Sony Ericsson M600Sony-Ericsson have announced the M600, a new crossover phone positioned between the company's S60 and UIQ offerings. Touted by some as SE's 'Blackberry killer', this new business handset measures only 107mm x 57mm x 15mm, weighs 112g, and fits a pseudo-QWERTY keypad (two 'rocker' letters per key, 5 keys per row, similar to the Blackberry 7100) onto a device which is significantly more phone-shaped than PDA-shaped. Continuing the business model, the phone does not have a camera and boasts a suite of mobile office productivity applications. Business features include Microsoft Office compatibility (PowerPoint, Word and Excel editing), a PDF viewer, Opera 8 web browser with RSS support, a VPN client, data encryption, anti-virus and firewall applications, as well as support for POP/IMAP/SMTP email and all the major push email platforms (including Blackberry Connect and Microsoft Exchange).

M600IThe phone ships with 80MB onboard memory and supports the new Memory Stick Micro format in sizes up to 1GB. This phone is the first Sony-Ericsson device to utilize this new memory card, and ships with a 64MB unit. The 2.6" 320x240 QVGA touchscreen with its 262,000 colours nicely complements the UIQ 3.0 operating system. In addition to a normal charger connection this device can also be charged via USB and when connected acts as a mass storage device. As well as GSM voice and 3G/UTMS data, other connectivity options include Bluetooth and Infrared. The M600 is available in black or white and ships in Q2 2006, with regional variations supporting different frequency bands.

We think this will be a smash hit for Sony-Ericsson and are seriously considering ditching our P910s for this 40% slimmer version - given the craptacular results from the P-series cameras their removal will hardly be a loss. And for those of us who think that Blackberrys and Treos are just too damn big, the M600 is a deliciously-slim alternative.

M600 Graniteblack In UseOther M600 reports:

This very thin UMTS phone (15 mm, which is around 25% less than a Nokia 6680 and 112g) has no gadget feature, no camera but all what a mobile worker needs. It has a new keyboard layout, not exactly the traditionnal 12 keys of most phone nor the full Qwerty keyboard of the P990. This looks like a good compromise for people with normal fingers like most of us. The phone has of course the traditional touchscreen and handwriting recognition that came with other Sony Ericsson devices.

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This is an aggressive market space that they’re entering, and while the device specs are up to scratch, there’s going to need to be an effective advertising campaign and strong network support to make the M600i a hit. Sony Ericsson and UIQ have long promised that UIQ3 will drive adoption of their phones. While the P990 is going to be the ‘uber-geek’ phone, it’s the M600i that’s going to have to deliver.

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Unfortunately every silver lining has a cloud, and the cloud in this instance is a delay in the shipping of the P990. "The P990 remains an important flagship product for Sony Ericsson," explained Oskar. "But we are getting strong operator interest in the M600. As a result we have accelerated development of the M600 and changed the timing of the P990's introduction, to ensure both phones get to market as early as possible. One of the strengths of the UIQ platform is that it has allowed us to engineer this new phone quickly to respond to operator enthusiasm."

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As expected, the phone is pretty small (it weighs only 3.9 oz.) and can interface with corporate email servers such as Exchange. A well-appointed media player is standard, as is stereo Bluetooth support. The only things you will probably miss are Wi-Fi and a camera, although European smartphones tend to launch without Wi-Fi about as frequently as ours do here.

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This 15-milimeter-slim, 3G flip-less sibling of the P990 is a dual-mode communicator bringing UMTS and tri-band GSM/GPRS with a touch-sensitve, 2.6-inch 240x320 262K color display, dual-function QWERTY keyboard, RSS reader, and Bluetooth with A2DP stereo audio support for untethered playback of that MP3/AAC audio stored on the 80MB of internal memory or Memory Stick Micro expansion card.

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Just back from Sony Ericsson's HQ in Hammersmith where I got to play with the company's latest take on the smartphone market the M600. In many ways the handset shouldn’t concern consumers too much, this is aimed squarely at the corporate market – it hasn’t even got a camera.

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There's a lot being offered in this phone in a small package. That's one of the thinnest smartphones available.

I think Sony Ericsson's strategy is an interesting one. Presuamably partly a result of net being able to produce as many devices to fill various niches. However the benefit is that it will also appeal to those who don't fall into the neat niches. After all who says a enterprise device should scrimp of music features, or imaging.

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Finally our friends over at have posted a short video of the M600 being turned on and taken through its paces. The phone's UIQ 3.0 interface looks depressingly pokey, but we should keep in mind that this is a prototype phone displayed at the 3GSM show. video review

In the looks department and the all important aspect of data entry the M600i is superb. Its large screen and very clever and usable text entry system both deserve high praise.

But I found the scroll wheel less wonderful to use, and the UIQ user interface is bit confusing at times. And any touch screen that precludes the use of a finger by having very small icons is doing itself and its users a disservice.

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