Sony Ericsson W950i 4GB walkman phone - hands on look

Se W950 Side 00I

I can’t help but feel that someone has taken time to look around and decide who the nearest competition is, and decided to pitch the W950 directly against the iPod Nano. It’s very likely that with a contract the 4gb phone will undercut the 1gb Nano. This is where the Walkman brand is going to make a huge difference. No one will trust a UIQ phone to play music (even though it can do it competently) but a 'Sony Walkman'? Not a problem.

And while the W950 has all the other bells and whistles that the power users will expect, this phone isn’t targeted at them. It’s a media phone. The bullet points in the shop aren’t going to say Symbian OS, or Opera 8 Browser, or even Push Email support. No, they’re going to point out the stereo Bluetooth headset, the five different external speakers available to plug the phone into, the ability to store 4000 tunes on your phone, and one-touch access to the music player.

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With 4 GB of storage, an easy to navigate music player and navigation buttons that can control playback no matter what application you are in, the W950 is seriously poised to take mobile music to another level. Although it may sound unlikely, the W950 could be one of the most innovative mobile music experiences out there, even more so than the iPod. It certainly is more original and more intuitive than the current Walkman software. The use of the touch screen to do things like select an album by cover art or navigate around by "feel" takes advantage of all this phone has to offer.

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