Sony Ericsson W710i - giant armband alert

Sonyericsson W710I ArmWhen Sony-Ericsson announced the W710i a few days ago, we didn't spare it a second glance. "Another walkman phone, but ruggedized for sports", we thought. We also read about the 'Active Clip IAC-60' accessory and assumed that it would somehow resemble the iPod nano's armband. Alas, how wrong we were. Just look at that monstrosity! At this point we would like to draw your attention to an excerpt from Sony-Ericcson's press release:

The Active Clip IAC-60 is specially designed to make the W710 accessible and comfortable to wear. Clipped to your bag, waist or arm by way of a highly adaptable strap, it makes using all the features on the W710 easy when working out.

Right. What they forgot to mention is that it would be less of an encumbrance to strap a giant brick to your forearm.

Via Mobile Mentalism


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