Sony Ericsson W42S 5 gigabyte walkman announced ... only in Japan

Sew42SAlthough the new jog dial does look a bit weird, we've decided we like it. At least it's an original design touch in a world of blatant rip offs! The 5GB memory limit is also a welcome increase, although there is no mention of USB host capability. SE would have been idiots to leave it out, but hey given their track record you never know ...

The phone features a slider design with 1GB of internal storage. The W42S memory can be expanded to a whopping 4GB bringing the total GB output to 5 gigs worth of data and music. What also sets the phone apart is the bottom jog dial contraption that allows you to play music, adjust the volume and hang your phone from your neck providing easy access to music playback features.

Via Cellphone9


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