Sony Ericsson M600 in-depth review

Sony-Ericsson M600 Handson

The model will be released on the market in July, its price will be around 550-650 euro depending on the country. The device will be positioned lower than Sony Ericsson P990i, minimal price gap will be around 100 euros in M600’s favor. This device is interesting for those who feel no need in WiFi, but is desperate to use QWERTY-keyboard, has appeal to small size of the device. This product is niche, it is not positioned as mass solution. Its competitor is Nokia’s E61, which has WiFi support, but lacks touch-screen, the phone is slim as well, but its weight is bigger (because of the metal used in construction). Release of this two phones on the market will happen at approximately same time, their price is predicted to be the same as well. The fight will be based on people who need WiFi or don’t, who are appealed to touch-screen, and those who feel no need in that. A pretty interesting pair of competitors, with very similar specifications on the whole, and pretty distant from the usual line-up of their manufacturers. Both products overcome the competitors on the today’s market, but this is reasonable, since they belong to next generation of such devices.

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