Samsung SGH-i320 first hands-on review

Samsung I320 Handheld
Here are some highlights from this review:

• it looks like France will be one of the first countries where Samsung i320 will be shipping - Samsung has even prepared special microsite about this phone (in French) as you can see here. There is no such microsite in English yet!
• the keyboard is in "AZERTY" layout that is a typical French keyboard layout
• push email is included (MSFP) and the phone is powered by Windows Mobile Smartphone edition operating in horizontal resolution 320x240 (very pleasant to use, also for movie playback - The Matrix movie playing in this phone is presented in the video part of this review)
• cellular systems supported: GSM (900/1800/1900 MHz), GPRS, EDGE ; no UMTS and no American GSM band GSM850 ; since most operators in Europe already introduced EDGE, lack of UMTS may not be a big problem

Via MS Mobiles


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