Samsung SCH-V910 - with mCommerce capabilities

Sch-V910 01Samsung's new SCH-V910 (also known as the SPH-V9100 and SPH-V9150 depending on carrier) sounds great, but with so many Korea-centric features it seems likely that we can add this phone to our list of great handset's we'll never see in the Western hemisphere:

This 86.2 x 43.5 x 21.6mm CDMA2000 / EVDO slider features a 262k color TFT LCD display, 1.3MP camera, MP3 audio playback, video-on-demand, mass-storage functionality, Picsel file viewer, Pictbridge mobile printing, motion-sensing animated Flash GUI, Moneta / K-Bank payment chip w/Traffic Card support for public transportation, and subway route viewer.

Via SamsungHQ


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