Nokia N92 TV phone reviewed

L 07 N92 Low

Probably the first thing you notice is that this phone is quite big and heavy. But if you're willing to forgive that, you get loads of features in a fairly small package. In addition to DVB-H this one has all the bells and whistles of for example, Nokia N80: UMTS, WLAN (with UPnP), 2 cameras, around 40MB internal memory and miniSD card slot, and the list goes on. The screen is HUGE at about 2,8" diameter. The resolution is QVGA which some will say is too little for this size, but I say it's enough. Being a "TV phone" the screen is optimized for video viewing, meaning that black is really black and colours are vivid. Watching a movie or browsing photos with this screen is a pleasure.

Via S60 Multimedia Blog


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