Nokia N92 hands-on review

Nokia N92AllAboutSymbian have posted details of an exclusive hand-on review of the Nokia N92 phone! The new 'mobile TV'-style phone features a huge 2.8" 320x240 QVGA screen with 16 million colours. The screen has a twisting hinge which allows the screen to function in both landscape and portrait orientations.

Nokia N92AllAboutSymbian concluded:

There is no doubt the N92 is a very powerful device. Seeing it working for the first time does engender a sense of wonder. There is something undeniably cool about convergence devices and one that has TV built in definitely packs that extra wow factor. The device is well specified and feature packed. S60 3rd Edition is a real boon and offers an extra refinement of usability and functionality compared to previous versions. However, the design may not be to everyone's tastes, with the general feel of the device, a not quite good enough camera and the keypad being low points; and there is no getting away from the fact that it is large and heavy.

There is an obvious collision here between the feature packed smartphone which has eaten all the other consumer devices in a bid to become the one true converged device and is consequently a bit fat, and the the rise of the thinphone (such as the Motorola RAZR). Which solution is right for you is a personal decision – both are good as phones, but only one is something more. If you're looking to reduce the number of devices you carry or find a powerful mobile solution then a smartphone is for you.
If DVB-H is launching in your country then you should consider the N92, otherwise you should look at the smaller and perhaps even more desirable N80.


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