Nokia N91 sneak peek

N91Our friends over at Cellphone9 had the chance to actually get their mitts on the Nokia N91. Loyal readers will be drooling around now as they remember Nokia's 4GB hard disk slider recently announced in the US. Cellphone9 say that the phone is actually smaller and lighter than it looks, but worry about the ruggedness of the hard disk. The also give the slider top marks. From their conclusions:

1. It’s good they included a 3.5mm jack because the speakers aren’t that great - just like how any other phone would have it. So it’s all good.

2. The bottom half of the phone containing the music controls slides down to reveal the keypad. I loved it - both the keypad and sliding mechanism were so well integrated, neither feel flimsy at all.

3. It’s light and compact! Wasn’t expecting this at all, even if Nokia claimed that the 4GB hard drive didn’t weigh a thing. It feels good to hold the N91.

Via Cellphone9


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