Nokia N90 hands-on review

N90 TopThe Nokia Cell Phone Blog recently reviewed the N90 and find that it while it takes excellent photographs and boasts features normally only found on 'real' digital cameras, the phone itself is - to put it mildly - unwieldy.

Problem #1 - this first thing you'll notice when actually PICKING up the N90 is that it's ridiculously heavy. And Big. If you consider the 3650 to be a brick, then the N90 is easily a concrete block. For the record the N90 weighs 6.4 ounces which is some major tonnage for a cell phone. In fact I believe this cell phone sets a new record in the flip phone size and weight division. This is the heavyweight of all heavyweight flips.

If you can get past the size and weight then the N90 is simply an amazing phone.

Via The Nokia Cell Phone Blog


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