Nokia N80 hands-on review

Nokia N80-Side

One thing I love about the N80 is the inclusion of WiFi (802.11g) capabilities. It took me several minutes to figure out how to connect the phone to our WiFi network here at home. Chalk that up due to the fact that I didn’t have the manual. Well even if I did I wouldn’t have probably read it either… I got to surf some web sites through the phone’s browser. One word… Awesome. For a phone browser the N80’s was wicked. It showed some cool features such as a preview of the whole page with a rectangle box outlining where in the page you are. It also has a mouse pointer, same as what you’d find on a desktop. Although while the browser was impressive to an extent it did crash on several sites. Still not sure why this happens though. The N80’s browser is built on Safari Webcore technology.

Via m|PH and Cellphone9


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