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Nokia E62 Pcmag

The E62 should stack up well against its smartphone competition. Depending on which carriers pick it up, it will go up against the BlackBerry 8700c and 8700g, Palm Treo 650 and T-Mobile MDA/Cingular 8125 as QWERTY phones on a GSM carrier. Inevitably, it's also going to be compared with Verizon's Motorola Q. The E62 is a far better voice phone than either the MDA or 8125. It also has a higher-res screen and a better Web browser than the Treo, and more multimedia options and available third-party software than the BlackBerry, although the BlackBerry does a better job for individuals who want to merge Exchange, POP3, and/or Yahoo! mail in one place. The Q has easier PC sync options, but the E62 will attract people who don't want to align themselves entirely with a Microsoft ecosystem.

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