Nokia E60 first look

Nokia E60Ewan Spence over at All About Symbian managed to get his mitts on an advance model of Nokia's newly announced S60 phone. This candybar phone is aimed squarely at the corporate market, with no camera, conservative styling and mid-range features. The one outstanding thing is the screen, which despite being smaller than many other Series 60 screens, features a massive 352 x 408 resolution. They didn't mention that in the press release!

From the review:

The screen on the E60 is gorgeous, which is as it should be. It’s a similar physical size to the Series 60 screens you’ll have been familiar with before, except that it’s double the pixel resolution. Before this, everything was pretty much fixed at 176 x 208 pixels. The E60’s display is 352 x 408 pixels. While the main screens still seem very similar to previous Series 60 devices, we’ve got more icons shown in the launcher (four rows of three as opposed to three by three previously) but what really drew my attention was the “Rotate screen" option. At the moment it turns the screen 90 degrees clockwise, and while that might seem strange, for reading long emails, word documents and ebooks, the landscape orientation is not only a popular choice, but incredibly comfortable. It also explains the two raised rubber strips in the middle of the keypad which help you hold the device in rotated mode. The designer couldn’t help but have one funky thing somewhere (must be a Nokia rule – Rafe). About the only thing I’d point out is that I hope an option to rotate the other way is also present, for left handed users out there.


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