Nokia 9500 certified for WiFi

Nokia today announced the Nokia 9500 Communicator has been granted the IEEE 802-11b and WPA (Wireless Protected Access) certifications by the Wi-Fi Alliance. The Nokia 9500 Communicator is the first mobile device operating in both cellular and wireless LAN networks to receive this qualification.  The Wi-Fi certification verifies that the product meets the compatibility and interoperability requirements under the standards identified by the Wi-Fi Alliance, a global organization that works to promote wireless LAN standards across all market segments.

The Nokia 9500 Communicator is one of the first mobile devices on the market designed to meet the demands of corporate IT departments for customization, manageability, and security. It takes the most popular office solutions mobile by bringing e-mail, personal information management, browsing, vertical enterprise applications and even document, spreadsheet and presentation creation into the pockets of mobile professionals, allowing them to effectively utilize their time while on the road.

Nokia's aim is to address the need of mobile professionals to work effectively on the fly as well as in the office by offering practical, cost-effective and easy-to-use devices with a full set of connectivity options for changing environments. Nokia believes that wireless LAN complements wide area cellular technologies enabling benefits for the mobile workers and the entire enterprise. The company is committed to promoting standards-based solutions to insure interoperability between devices and networks.

A complete list of Nokia 9500 features and technical specifications can be found at Photos of the Nokia 9500 can be found at


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