LG VX9800 communicator-style phone reviewed

Lg VX9800MobileTracker have posted a review of the LG VX9800 - the subject of a recent marketing push by Verizon in the US. This 145g phone flips open along its long axis like a tiny laptop. The phone is enormous - 120 x 50 x 25 mm - but features a landscape orientation 320 x 256 primary LCD screen, EV-DO 3G connectivity, stereo speakers, an unusually good 1.3 megapixel camera (along with a business card reader function), and expansion via miniSD cards. Unfortunately the phone has several major drawbacks, including a completely inadequate Bluetooth implementation and an inability to run Opera Mobile (there is a second-rate web browser included).

LG VX9800 openMobileTracker concluded "The VX9800 is a solid handset that I only have a few major gripes with. The first is that Verizon Wireless once again crippled the Bluetooth profile so that it can't do more advanced features like file exchange and syncing. You can use a headset and DUN, but that's it. The other gripe I have is the poor web browser. With a high-res landscape screen there is no reason to not have a great browser. If you want some neat features on a mostly for-fun handset, check out the LG VX9800. If you're looking for a business phone, look elsewhere."


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