HSDPA mobile broadband in the UK

Cellular MastUK network operator O2 has announced that they expect to roll out "super 3G" by late 2006. The operator have just commenced territory-wide trials on the Isle of Man with current speeds hitting 1.4Mbps download and 128kbps upload. They expect those figures to hit 3.6Mbps up and 384kbps down by the time nationwide service begins, with 7.4Mbps and 10.2Mbps to come in 2008 and 2009 respectively.

The Register said: "This is the first super 3G network," said Dave Williams, O2's CTO. "It's the 3G we always wanted." Initially the service will be delivered direct to PCs courtesy of HSDPA-equipped Sierra Wireless AirCard 850 PCMCIA cards. Williams claimed two unnamed notebook makers plan to integrate HSDPA into their machines next year. Handsets capable of accessing the faster download speeds are in the pipeline too.


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