Motorola RAZR V3c reviewed

RAZR V3cWe mentioned the Motorola RAZR V3c earlier, with its new 3G EV-DO capabilities but still crappy keypad and now-boring fat clamshell looks, but DesignTechnica have posted just posted a thorough review. They agreed with us about the lack of a memory card slot, but also moaned about the lousy battery life and lack of stereo (and complete lack of a wired headphone jack). The review concludes: "Thanks to its capability to view widescreen video clips, the RAZR is the best V CAST video-viewing phone Verizon now offers. More importantly, you will feel technologically fulfilled. But the RAZR's lack of a stereo headphone connection could limit its prominence much beyond the middle of next year. Before rushing in to plunk 200 bucks and a two-year commitment to get one, you need to think about how much you may want to use your cell phone for gaming or music listening. In a world of nearly instantaneous tech obsolesce; Verizon's version of the RAZR could be over even before it starts."


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