Motorola i875 from Boost Mobile

Motorola i875This unusual phone from Motorola, via Boost Mobile (warning: annoyingly overdone Flash website), is a startling original device in today's world of rampant design poaching amongst the big handset manufacturers (for instance the Moto RAZR and the slew of copycats). The phone features a 1.3 megapixel camera, audio and video recording and playback, memory expansian via Transflash card, Bluetooth, GPS capability, and Boost Mobile's vaunted nationwide walkie-talkie functionality.

Boost's walkie-talkie feature is an interesting concept. Simply enter the number of a friend (or stranger) you wish to 'walkie-talkie' with, and thereafter your phone becomes a walkie-talkie connected to your friend/stranger's Boost Mobile phone. The kicker is that this works nationwide, and only costs $1.50 for the entire day. We think this will be huge should Boost ever manage to increase their market share, not only amongst campers and hikers - the GPS and walkie-talkie combination should make this phone a no-brainer for those markets - but with kids (admittedly, only fairly wealthy ones at first).

The i875 ships with a 32MB Transflash card, stereo headphones, and a USB card reader. The phone also features external multimedia keys so you can, for instance, control music without opening the phone. We approve.


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