Motorola E815 reviewed

The Motorola E815 has been reviewed by PhoneScoop. From the article: "Do you remember the term "moblogger?" When cameraphones were still new and no one had heard of Textamerica or Flickr, moblogging was the term given to taking pictures with your phone and sending them to a website or weblog. The e815 is a moblogger's dream. The camera is pretty good and even though EV-DO isn't any faster at sending than 1xRTT, photos still fly off at blazing speeds. Unfortunately not all the phone's online capabilities are as speedy. While the e815 is pretty quick at browsing, forget trying to use any of the neat VCAST features while you're waiting in line at the grocery store. You will have paid for your groceries and loaded them into your car before the menus have even loaded. The e815 does have good battery life, a nice screen and other features that make it a solid choice for both long-winded talkers and casual users in addition to mobloggers."


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