VK Mobile VK5000 announced - Nano with phone capabilities?

Vk5000 CellAt first glance this phone looks out of proportion with it's relatively tiny screen, but perusal of the specs show that it's not such a dog after all. For one thing the screen is an OLED display which should provide a dramatic improvement over traditional LCDs, and the 1GB internal memory makes it a perfect little MP3 player - where large screens aren't vital (can anyone say iPod Nano?):

The VK5000, taking cues from its predecessors the VK2000 and VK2100, provides a slim package that is 1mm thinner then the Razr, but a feature set that is sure to rival. Included in the trendy white phone are a 1.3 megapixel camera (video and stills), an OLED 260k color display, 1GB of memory, and a music player compatible with MP3 and AAC files.

Via OhGizmo


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