Sharp 903 reviewed

Sharp 903Sharp have released a stylish new clamshell on Vodafone in the UK! This 3G phone boasts a 3.2 megapixel camera with 2x optical zoom and a large 320x240 QVGA swivelling screen. It supports audio and video recording and playback and features a TV out port. The built-in memory is limited to 8MB, but the phone comes with a 64MB miniSD card. The glossy black phone is fairly large, but the space-age styling should appeal to some.

C-Net have a review, where they say: This is a lovely handset to use, thanks to the neat design features already noted. Video calling and using Vodafone Live! were both fine with the video image of the caller remaining crisp and smooth during testing. Battery life seemed adequate too. We went for a couple of days between charges without feeling we were sailing close to the wind.

The images taken were clear and well defined. If going on a serious photography trip we'd want to carry a digital camera, but we got some very passable snapshots. We weren't so delighted with video quality, which displayed too much pixelation.

The music performance was very disappointing, and this matters more and more as music becomes a key feature for many of us when buying new handsets.

There are four tone options that let you emphasise the bass content of music and use simulated surround sound. They do make some difference to sound quality, both through the stereo speakers and Sharp's headset. The problem is that sound output in general is below par. Unfortunately, the headset's proprietary connector means you can't substitute a better one of your own.


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