Sanyo RL-4930 rugged phone

Sanyo RL-4930Mobileburn are reporting on the new Ssanyo RL-4930, a ruggedized version of the RL-4920. The phone is aimed squarely at the low-end market with a limited feature set. From the review: "The Sanyo RL-4930 is not a powerhouse handset, but instead is a solid handset that provides all the basic features in a very durable case. The RL-4930 is an AMPS/CDMA bar style handset, and includes support for Push-To-Talk, voice dialing, and phone based voice mail. The ruggedized Sanyo also includes speakerphone functionality, extended voice recording, and SMS text messaging."

Given the phone's 'rugged' case, we can see the phone appealing to outdoors types who might find the push-to-talk walkie-talkie-style functionality useful. But other than that ... do you think the copywriter was struggling for something to say? You've gotta wonder when one of the listed features is SMS messaging!

Although no carriers have yet been officially announced, Mobileburn notes that the product image clearly shows a Sprint logo.


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