Qool QDA Oh! announced

Qool Labs QDA Oh!Singapore-based Qool Labs have announced a slick-looking smart phone with the incredibly stupid name of "QDA Oh!". Including the exclamation point. From their press release: Qool Labs, a Singapore-based technological company specializing in digital lifestyle entertainment products, also the 1st in the World to have launched the Palm-Powered Smartphone powered by the Garnet 5.4 OS with 1.3MP in March 2005, today announces its latest multimedia smartphone, QDA Oh!. QDA Oh! is also one of the 12 outstanding new products selected by CTIA and was featured in the CTIA Wireless Widgets Showcase 2005.

Running on a Windows Mobile 2003 2nd Edition Operating System and Freescale iMX21 266MHz processor, QDA Oh! processes robust multimedia applications with higher levels of video and graphic capabilities, plug and play connectivity with added security. QDA Oh! is engineered to offer a higher multimedia playing processing capability than the normal 500 MHz CPU. It also has a bus master interface (BMI), which reduces the overhead to external graphics chips that enhances the 2D & 3D experience.

QDA Oh! is packed with features such as expandable memory, 1.3 megapixel camera, 3D Gaming experience, msn messenger, MS Excel and Word document editor and reader, 6 party-conference calling, emails, web access even while on the go. QDA Oh! also features a 2.8 inch LTPS TFT (240x320 pixels) Transflective Display with a 262, 144 colors screen in its chic white and sliver compact form factor, exuding a contemporary appeal. Leveraging on a tri-band GSM/GPRS (900/1800/1900 mhz), QDA Oh! allows web access and roaming across the GSM network in Asia, Europe and United States.

QDA Oh! – What Sets It Apart From Others?

Video Capturing and Playback@30 frames per second
QDA Oh! is specially designed with an enhanced video quality, distinguish fine details when video capture fast-moving object, edging over the rest with 30 frames per second (fps) - easily tops the big screens (movies in theatres run only at 24 fps), exceeding the standard human-eye (24 fps) requirement for smoothness and flicker-free video viewing. QDA Oh! also includes the Window Media Player 10 that allows users to watch film clips, music videos, news and etc.

Digital Camera’s multiple functions@1.3MP with built-in flash
QDA Oh! allows users to quickly adapt to most situation with up to 6 multiple scenes modes without having to fiddle with the settings and controls.

1. Standard Mode – Optimal setting for most standard situations
2. Night-Shot – Ideal for night scenes or low light situations
3. Portrait – Places the subject in sharp focus and soften the background
4. Grayscale – Black and White Colors Images
5. Sepia – Brown tint Colors, Ideal for old photograph effects
6. Document – Ideal for subject with text and ensures text legibility

Equipped with 8X continuous digital zooming, QDA Oh! ensures clarity of the images, minimizes chromatic aberration. Users are also able to take 9 continuous pictures, capturing all 9 images with approximately 0.7 seconds intervals between each picture. QDA Oh! is also equipped with a optional self-timer camera mode with duration of 5 seconds, 10 seconds and 15 seconds. Exploiting the capabilities of both the 9 continuous shooting mode and self-timer mode, QDA Oh! allows users to take time (5/10/15 seconds) to strike poses before the automatic self-timer releases the shutter and continue striking different poses during its 0.7 seconds interval throughout the continuous shooting.

Photo/Image Editing and its Effects
QDA Oh! easily creates a smile on the picture of an expressionless person’s features with its exquisite photo / image editing features. Using a manual adjustment bar, QDA Oh! enables users to create up to 10 different expressions - “smileâ€?, “slimâ€?, “youngâ€?, “angryâ€?, “sadâ€?, “kissâ€?, “sleepyâ€?, “foxâ€?, “alienâ€? and “monkeyâ€?. QDA Oh! is also equipped with special effects - “normalâ€?, “b/wâ€?, “sepiaâ€?, “embossâ€?, “blurâ€? and “mosaicâ€? that further enhances the photo editing function. QDA Oh! is pre-installed with up to 36 motion frames borders and 37 stamps variations, adding more fun and decorative effects to the pictures. Users are also able to add written notes or record their voice tag onto the image, adding a more personalized touch.

Special Edition Launcher and International Awarding Winning Games
QDA Oh! launches a special edition of the IE favorites & media content hot keys on specially designed interface that enables users to gain quick access to IE Favorites and Media Contents

Apart from the common but addictive window default games, Jawbreaker and Solitaire, QDA Oh! also includes awarding winning games such as Snails and Flux.

Innovative Accessories
A detachable keypad cover is specially made for QDA Oh!, offers users screen protection and instant dialing and sms messaging input.

QDA Oh! will be available in the last quarter of 2005. Prices to be advised.


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