NewGen Mega-X, camcorder-style phone

Newgen Mega-XThis unusual phone from relative newcomer Newgen and features a 1.3 megapixel camera, 128MB of built-in storage and a 1.8" colour LCD screen. With the screen closed the phone is a decent music player, with useful external music playback buttons, a small external screen for track information, and decent headphones. With the screen open and rotated this phone follows the Nokia N90 lead and resembles a traditional digital video camera, albeit with a lowly 4x digital zoom and basic settings. The final position is with the screen open and un-rotated, where the phone functions are revealed in a futuristic-organic asymmetrical form factor. The dualband phone boasts 2.5 hours of talk time.

Newgen Mega-X

"The Mega-X will definitely keep your boredom at bay. With so many entertainment features packed into this neat pocket size gadget, you can fulfill all your entertainment needs any time, anywhere." says KW Kee, President of Newgen Telecom Pte. Ltd. 

The Mega-X is equipped with a 45-degree 1.3 mega-pixel camera at the side to capture both stills and videos.  The quick access camera button snaps your photos or videos in a whiz. The camera has a 4x digital zoom effect, various photography environment (Auto, Cloudy, Indoor, Sunny and Tungsten), effect ( Normal, Black & White, Sepia, Negative, Emboss, Sketch)  and flash for your ideal shot. The Mega-X can also take up to 16 sequential shots to ensure that no action is missed out. You can also take a self photo by simply toggling between the main LCD to the sub LCD display. 

The Mega-X is turned into a mini camcorder with a gentle twist of the LCD display panel.  It can record up to 90 minutes of quality video. The phone is also a media player with its integrated MP3 and MPEG4 player.    
Features like voice recorder and various personal-information-management (PIM) features such as, alarm, calculator, world time, stop watch, currency converter, schedule are included. The Mega-X will be available this month. 

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