Grundig X5000 6 megapixel phone

X5000Yet another announcement from this year's 3GSM in Barcelona, the Grundig X5000 is something to behold. While Grundig are hardly noted for their mobile devices, this one appears to be a corker!

The 6 megapixel camera is cleverly housed in the hinge of this clamshell phone, and includes a 4x zoom and LED "flash". It also allows for a range of 22 different shooting modes, including nightshot, sport and macro, as well as VGA-quality (640x480) video.

Memory expansion is via standard (yay!) SD slot for capacities of up to 2 gigabytes. The primary display is a gorgeous widescreen 680x240 LCD screen. It also has an integrated MP3 player. The phone measures 89 x 46 x 23mm and weighs in at 118g.

Via SlashPhone


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