Gigabyte Keroro frog phone

731-44Bad28E493Ee This week's sign of the Apocalypse: our buddies at MobileMentalism regale us with news that upstart manufacturer Gigabyte has released a green frog-themed phone allegedly aimed at children. We have previously noticed a craze involving this frog during a trip to Hong Kong about 4 years ago, but back then he was known as Kerokerokeropi. Or perhaps that is his Chinese name. (We assume it is the same frog - how many can there be?)

As a phone, the Keroro is pretty limited, offering only camera, 128MB of RAM, and not an awful lot else. It is green, though, and focuses very much on frogs, coming with a range of Keroro accessories for those otaku amongst you who crave such things.

Via MobileMentalism


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