Gigabyte g-Smart WM5 smartphone

Gigabyte g-SmartChinese outfit Gigabyte have released their g-Smart Windows Mobile 5 smartphone. The device boasts all the usual Windows smartphone features but throws TV and radio reception into the mix. Only regular analog broadcasts, mind you - if you're in Europe and thinking of picking up digital DVB TV or DAB radio then think again. The CPU is a 416MHz Intel PXA272 with 64MB each of ROM and RAM and there is a mini SD slot. The phone also features a 2.4" 262k colour 320x240 LCD screen and a 2.1 megapixel camera. Connectivity is via WiFi, mini USB and Bluetooth, but unfortunately not 3G. The phone supports Windows Mobile Direct Push email, presumably over a pokey GPRS connection. True to its origins there is also a 100,000 word English-Chinese dictionary.


- Mobile Office: Built-in MS Office suite helps manage emails and documents when you are out of the office.

- Data Security: The new Windows Mobile 5.0 has built-in support for persistent storage so that when the battery drains completely, your data remains intact.

- Wireless Connectivity: The built-in Wi-Fi facilitates a high-speed network connection.

- Wireless Bluetooth: g-Smart supports Bluetooth stereo headset and Bluetooth GPS, providing you a complete wireless environment.

- Background Effects: Unique background environment simulating sounds during calls ensures your whereabouts are secured and private.

- Multimedia: Featuring with TV/ FM/ MP3/ MPEG4 player and 2.1 mega pixel camera with video recording function, g-Smart is a powerful multimedia center for you.

- Navigation: Equipped with PaPaGo G10, g-Smart guides you with 3D maps of Taiwan and voice navigation system when traveling.

- Voice Command: The slider phone with voice commends and hot key simplifies the phone operation.


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