Amoi E800 communicator-style phone

Amoi E800Engadget are reporting on a first sighting of the Amoi E800 OEM phone. This Tricorder-like GSM handset flips open along its long axis in the fashion pioneered by the Nokia Communicator. The device runs Windows Mobile 5 and features a 1.1" OLED screen which is visible when the device is closed - when opened the main 2.4" 320x240 LCD touchscreen is revealed. The phone also features Bluetooth, microSD expansion, USB syncing, a 2 megapixel camera, stereo speakers and a QWERTY keyboard. We particularly asymmetrical screen and button layout on the front of the phone.

Amoi E800From the original article (badly translated from Japanese): "As for "E800" of Amoi straight type, when you open from side, the style which is similar to Nokia "Communicator" that the full keyboard of QWERTY arrangement appears. This main display 2.4 inches, loaded the touch screen of 320×240 pixel. External display is with organic EL of 1.1 inch approximately 6 ten thousand 5000 colors. As for external expansion with the USB/Bluetooth/microSD card, as for the camera it has become the CCD 200 ten thousand pixels. Around January of next year in sale schedule, approximately RMB 5000 (approximately 7 ten thousand Yen) schedule."


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