LG G832 with unique flip-up action

LG G832LG have announced a new phone for the Chinese market with optical character recognition via the built-in 1.3 megapixel digital camera! The phone also features a unique new form factor with a keypad which flips up as well as a rotating base with dedicated phone and music-player keys. Instead of a second display on the front of the flip this phone has a small window allowing the user to see a small part of the main LCD.

From the PhoneyWorld page: Coming back to the LG G832, it is a cell phone which is completely different from any form factor that we have seen till date . It makes use of a single large TFT 2.2 inch display but has a small panel carved out in the front which allows you to get data about the caller. The TFT display is covered by a numeric keypad which simply moves up like a flip when you wish to attend to the PDa features. The G832 has a built-in 1.3 megapixel camera whose OCR features we already mentioned. The camera shall be able to revolve 180 degrees thus taking self portraits as well as capturing images. The 262,000 colors of the TFT display make it look really good. Throw in the Mp3 functionality and a dedicated music key, the G832 is ready for the road. Also its unique form factor is sure to grab a lot of attention.


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