KTF Technologies' K100 ultra slim phone coming to the UK via LG


Looking like a bulimic supermodel on the Atkins’ Diet, the company’s EV-K100 is the world’s thinnest mobile phone at just 7.9mm. It does actually weigh more than VK’s D800 being 60g as opposed to 48g but it packs in a lot more features. For a start the K100 is remarkably a 3G handset and somehow squashes in a 1.3 megapixel digital camera. It has a proportionately large 1.8in display and packs an impressive 165MB of onboard memory.

This handset, like 95% of the cutting edge phones we report on, was initially slated for a Korea-only release. However things are looking up - now that LG have bought out KTF it looks like we should soon see this gloriously slim phone in Europe.

Via TrustedReviews


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