iMate SP5m reviewed

Imate SP5mSmartPhoneThoughts have posted an in-depth review of the iMate SP5m smartphone. This handset is one of the first of a raft of phones running Windows Mobile 5 and is essentially an upgraded HTC Typhoon with added WiFi. The device also boasts a 320x240 QVGA LCD screen, 1.3 megapixel camera and dedicated music buttons.

The review concludes:

As one of the first Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphones to hit the streets, the i-mate SP5m doesn't disappoint. While it might not be as small as the Typhoon, it still offers a wealth of power and beauty. The QVGA is a huge improvement that can be felt within every aspect of the phone, except the battery. WiFi isn't something that everyone is going to want or use. However, the impact it has on the speed of your data connections is undeniable.

There are a couple of minor annoyances, but nothing that would make me want to send the phone back. Besides, I'm having far too much fun showing off this phone to anyone who gives me a minute of their time. If you're planning on getting a Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone, you can't go wrong with the i-mate SP5m.


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