HP iPAQ HW6715 leaked

HP Hw6715A reader at Dave's iPAQ has posted images of the upcoming iPAQ HW6715 running Windows Mobile 5! The device's predecessor - the iPAQ HW6515 - is still not available in the US so this is a bit of a slap in the face for US iPAQ fans.

In addition to the already-impressive specifications of the HW6515 (including GPS, Bluetooth, touchscreen, 1 megapixel camera, QWERTY keyboard), the new HW6715 also sports a major processor upgrade, from 312MHz to 416MHz. It also adds WiFi and FM radio to the mix, making this a powerful little package.

Not everything is perfect however. The WiFi is only 802.11b instead of the faster 802.11g already available on some competing devices. Also the SDIO slot has been removed leaving only a single mini-SD slot for expansion. The screen resolution is still a disappointing 240 x 240. On the software side, the HW6715 boasts the typical HP software suite with WLAN Manager - a Wi-Fi utility - thrown in to control the Wi-Fi connection.


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