HP iPAQ RW6828 Atom spotted in the wild

The iPAQ formerly known as the Atom is now the iPAQ RW6828. Here’s a shot of the unit seen in the wild. What’s lovely about it is that unlike the iPAQs of old, this one’s surface doesn’t seem to be...

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HP iPAQ hw6915 reviewed

The unique selling point of the HP iPAQ hw6915 is its integrated GPS support - which also happens to be the sole feature of this business phone which truly shines. Above-par performance and a large screen are both good and...

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HP iPAQ hw6900 WiFi PDA phone

The HP machines, like FS', are based on 416MHz Intel XScale PXA270 processors running Windows Mobile 5.0 with Microsoft's Messaging and Security Pack update. That means they get MS' Direct Push Technology support. They have 64MB of RAM on board,...

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HP iPAQ rw4500

Photos have emerged of a new HP handset based on the HTC Feeler. The Feeler is already used by T-Mobile and iMate as their SDA and SP3i phones. HP are calling it the rw4500. Great names huh? This device features...

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HP iPAQ HW6715 leaked

A reader at Dave's iPAQ has posted images of the upcoming iPAQ HW6715 running Windows Mobile 5! The device's predecessor - the iPAQ HW6515 - is still not available in the US so this is a bit of a slap...

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