BlackBerry Curve 8320 reviewed

First came the trim, consumer-friendly BlackBerry Curve 8300. Then came the Wi-Fi-enabled BlackBerry 8820. Now there's the BlackBerry Curve 8320, an impressive PDA phone that combines the best of the previous two models and has an added bonus: While...

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Motorola Q9m in-depth review

The Q9m is an excellent smartphone up against excellent competition—namely, the BlackBerry 8830, an even smoother messaging device. The 8830's speed and responsiveness, along with BlackBerry's new music and video players, cause me to continue to recommend it to...

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BlackBerry Curve 8310 coming to Vodafone UK

The Vodafone Sat Nav application is powered by Telmap satnav technology . It provides detailed route planning and GPS navigation, with live traffic updates, traffic jam alerts and extensive points of interest information, such as restaurant reviews. The over-the-air...

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Blackberry 7130g reviewed

RIM have managed to squeeze this 7130 down to an almost acceptable size by making a large compromise and one that was to taint every aspect of our Blackberry experience over the next 4 weeks. Where as most blackberries...

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T-Mobile UK debuts Blackberry disguised as a phone

Motorola Q and Nokia E61 fans will hate us for saying it, but we here at Cameraphone Focus have never been too keen on the Blackberry form factor. It looks too much like a pocket calculator and not enough...

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BlackBerry 7130g announced

The 7130g is powered by a 312MHz Intel Xscale processor, the same as found in the BlackBerry 8700 series. Internal memory now consists of 64Mb of Flash memory flus 16Mb SDRAM, a significant improvement over the 32Mb and 4Mb in...

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BlackBerry 8707v released

As with the other 8700 series BlackBerries, the 8707v comes with a 320x240 pixel display, a web browser, PIM functions and Bluetooth. It goes without saying that the BlackBerry 8707v supports standard internet email protocols and BlackBerry push email.. ah...

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Motorola Q delayed at least 3 months

At less than a half-inch thick with a full Qwerty-style keyboard and a Windows Mobile 5 operating system, the Q phone was expected to deliver the sleekness of the Razr and the functionality of a PDA. Even more, the Q...

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Blackberry– 8707v revealed - with 3G

The first Blackberry mobile phone to feature UMTS support – 8707v – has been unveiled. The quad-band GSM/UMTS device is a version of the Blackberry 8700 series. It sports the same features, but has slightly different appearance and adds 3G...

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Motorola Q video review

Over at they have a video test of the latest blackberry killer, the Motorola Q. Its interesting to finally see a Motorola device that doesnt suffer from a painfully slow interface. Via MobileScraper Watch the video...

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Blackberry 8700g in the UK

T-Mobile UK will be carrying the 8700g and it should be available sometime early next month. What makes it drool-worthy is its updated design and an even bigger color screen. It also comes with an Intel processor, 64MB flash memory,...

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Blackberry 7130e released

Research In Motion have launched the Blackberry 7130e, the first Blackberry capable of utilising 3G EV-DO networks. The handset features a large 260x240 LCD display with 65K colours, Bluetooth, and 64MB memory, as well as Blackberry's famous push-email solution. Like...

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Blackberry 8700c announced

Research In Motion and Cingular have announced the Blackberry 8700c! Cingular will have an exclusive for "a period of months", according to RIM CEO Jim Balsillie. The first Intel-powered Blackberry has the same great keyboard as earlier models, but has...

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Palm licenses Blackberry Connect for Treo 650

Palm, formerly palmOne, has announced a licensing deal with Research In Motion to use RIM's Blackberry Connect software in the Treo 650. The deal will commence in early 2006 and extends to future Palm OS based Treos. This makes it...

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Blackberry 7105t now available on T-Mobile

T-Mobile USA and Research In Motion today announce the availability of the new BlackBerry® 7105t™ together with a new BlackBerry Internet E-mail™ service for Yahoo! Mail users. Whether in a meeting or out on the road, this new BlackBerry device...

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  • Full-featured 320x320 touchscreen business phone
  • Music & video playback
  • Up to 1GB memory
  • Great QWERTY keyboard
  • Treo 650 - buy at Amazon UK


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