New boy on the block BenQ-Siemens releases first handsets

Benq Siemens New-1

Siemens cash haemorrhaging mobile phone division wasn’t exactly the darling of the industry when it was bought by BenQ last year, but the first three handsets from the new ‘BenQ-Siemens’ brand have nothing to be embarrassed about.

Most desirable is easily the EF81, a skinny clamshell which will inevitably draw comparisons with Motorola’s iconic RAZR. It is just 16mm thick yet boasts 3G connectivity and a 256k colour display.

The integrated camera is a hefty two megapixels, swivels and the external screen acts as its viewfinder. USB connectivity and a nice stainless steel keypad add further street cred and a microSD memory card slot compliments the 64MB of onboard memory. Multimedia isn’t too shabby either with support for AAC+, MP3, Mpeg4, RealVideo and H.263.

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