BenQ P50 reviewed


The BenQ-Siemens P50's history goes way back all the way to 2004 when it was announced at CeBIT in March. Since then the rumours built up, and the P50 was nicknamed the Treo-Killer. Had it come out when it was said to (July 2005) it would have definitely lived up to those expectations. But, the time drew on and the Treo 650 came out, and that became the new "Cool" PDA Phone. Eventually, in August that year, the BenQ was released. So what's so special about this PDA? It was one of the first devices to have Bluetooth, WiFi, and a phone all in one package, and that package isn't huge either. It packs all of the said wireless adapters, a camera, fast CPU and even a thumb keyboard into a phone slightly taller than the Treo 650 and about as wide.

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