Unlocked iPhones now on Hong Kong Telecom's CSL network

Iphone Csl Hk Damn. We were in Hong Kong a few months back and now this story breaks! The price seems extortionate to us since even the most expensive phones are rarely more than US$1000 in Hong Kong (unlike Europe there is no such thing as a carrier subsidy there). Even so, we expect they will sell out in minutes given that 'keeping up with the Joneses' is almost a national pastime in most of China.

The iPhone was able to take non-AT&T SIM cards (the one demonstrated here is the Hong Kong CSL network), you can dial out and pick up calls without a problem (video here, dialing 1083 for local weather report). EDGE is also supported, so are the messaging services. However we don’t know if the SIM and voicemail services are supported properly.

Via GearFuse


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