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It's here! After watching our American cousins getting their mitts on theirs wonderphones months ago we're happy to say that the iPhone has finally arrived on these shores.

We managed to pick ours up at the tiny Saffron Walden Carphone Warehouse last night. Queues in the small Essex market town were virtually non-existent - at 5:30pm there was nobody queueing. By 5:45pm there were about 10 people waiting. Once we got inside there was a minor problem with credit card authorisations not working (overloaded apparently ...) but within 30 minutes they were starting to work sporadically. Within an hour everyone who had queued had been served. The 3 staff members on duty were pleasant but not particularly knowledgable. One even announced to the queue that only the Apple Bluetooth headset would work with the iPhone, and also that if we did not activate them within 7 days our iPhones would stop working! One lady behind me in the queue who was buying two as gifts for clients (don't get any ideas you lot!) was understandably concerned.

One of the benefits of living in a small town is that we were home in 5 minutes. Perhaps most of the big city punters had longer waits and longer journeys, because although we were prepared for a lengthy ordeal in activating the phone via iTunes the process was actually completely painless and took less than 10 minutes from beginning to end (we went for a completely new phone number which probably helped a little).

In the meantime we will continue to play with our amazing new gadget. Watch this space for future posts about it!


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