HTC Touch mimics iPhone ... but not very well

Htc-Smartphone-Lg1 We are normally fans of HTC's cutting-edge phones even if most of them end up being rebranded by the major networks and offered with a multitude of useless proprietary "add-ons". However in the case of the HTC TOUCH we are sadly disappointed. The superficial imitation of the iPhone interface is far too derivative and appears to be a blatant attempt to cash in on iPhone-fever.

With a simple stroke across the 2.8″ LCD screen, fave contacts, weather, applications and media pages can be summoned up via a futuristic 3D animation.

The crowd at the launch seemed suitably impressed, until we realised that the interface just sat on top of the comparatively dour Windows Mobile 6 interface, so as soon as you start clicking, you’re dumped back to the Windows interface.

Via Digital Lifestyles

The HTC Touch is based on Microsoft's Windows Mobile 6 Professional OS and features a 2.8-inch touch screen offering access to emails, contacts and appointments. But unlike the iPhone, which will feature large internal flash memory capacity for music and movie storage, the HTC Touch offers a microSD drive, and a 1G-byte microSD card comes with the handset.

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