The iPhone arriveth

It's here! After watching our American cousins getting their mitts on theirs wonderphones months ago we're happy to say that the iPhone has finally arrived on these shores. We managed to pick ours up at the tiny Saffron Walden...

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iPhone named "invention of the year"

Yet the gadget's celebrity chic was not the core reason, according to Grossman's story, which appears in Friday's issue. The iPhone's design and beauty contribute to its appeal, but its functionality and features are what gets people talking. The...

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iPhone, Nokia N95 and Helio face-off

Two of the N95's buttons take you to a top menu. But each button takes you to a different top menu. The menus navigate differently. The first doesn't have all the options of the other, the second has all...

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Apple iPhone Bluetooth headset reviewed

So, how does it compare to the others I’ve used? Well, I can tell you right now that I’m not wowed by it, but I am impressed. The comfort level could have been better as well as the button...

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Unlocked iPhones now on Hong Kong Telecom's CSL network

Damn. We were in Hong Kong a few months back and now this story breaks! The price seems extortionate to us since even the most expensive phones are rarely more than US$1000 in Hong Kong (unlike Europe there is...

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8GB Nokia N95 in the works

Looks like the rumours of the upgraded capacity Nokia N95 are true - as usual it's the FCC that gives the game away. Will this mean a significant challenge to the iPhone? We don't think so. Some obvious hardware...

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HTC Touch mimics iPhone ... but not very well

We are normally fans of HTC's cutting-edge phones even if most of them end up being rebranded by the major networks and offered with a multitude of useless proprietary "add-ons". However in the case of the HTC TOUCH we...

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Apple iPhone - here at last

It's finally reality! At today's Macworld 2007 keynote speech, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced the imminent arrival of the long-awaited iPhone. Despite widespread speculation over the last couple of years, the three-in-one device still managed to smash many preconceptions...

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