Qstick EVOQ noise-reducing BlueTooth headset


In practice the rather large looking EVOQ headset is not that heavy or cumbersome, it sits nicely on the ear and survived a good shake of the head. LP set off up the M1 with the EVOQ attached to his bonce and we sat back in the comfort of the office ready for a typically unscientific test in car number one. This was a Nissan 350Z which by all accounts is a raucous car and this was apparent with the first call on a wired headset (no illegal hand held use for LP), there was road noise and background hum which made it tricky to hear him. Then call number 2 using the Qstik unit and although LP sounded a little more distant (the EVOQ does not have a boom mike) it was much clearer and a constant level minus the background rumble and whoosh sounds of traffic.

Via Lord Percy


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