Apple iPhone Bluetooth headset reviewed

So, how does it compare to the others I’ve used? Well, I can tell you right now that I’m not wowed by it, but I am impressed. The comfort level could have been better as well as the button...

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Qstick EVOQ noise-reducing BlueTooth headset

In practice the rather large looking EVOQ headset is not that heavy or cumbersome, it sits nicely on the ear and survived a good shake of the head. LP set off up the M1 with the EVOQ attached to...

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Nokia HF-35W hands-free unit previewed

The HF-35W is designed more for the budget conscious who don't want to shell out the mucho moolah for the 6W (which was roughly 130 bucks USD). It lacks the multiple microphone voice tracking feature that made the 6W...

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Motorola H500 Bluetooth headset reviewed

The H500 is one of the newest Bluetooth headsets from Motorola and is the successor to their HS820 Bluetooth Headset. The Motorola H500 features a sleeker design, an improved ear hook, updated Bluetooth 1.2, a respectable battery life and a...

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Sennheiser BW900 Bluetooth headset

The BW900 uses ‘adaptive intelligence’, a form of noise cancellation, which adapts to the surrounding noise levels to optimise sound comfort and speech intelligibility. It can also memorise your preferred settings and adjust accordingly whenever the sound environment changes. Via...

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Spectec 802.11b Wi-Fi mini-SD card

SDW-822 mini-SD Wi-Fi 802.11b card from Spectec is a decent piece of hardware but lack of Wi-Fi utility may put off some people. Purchase of commercial software like Wi-Fi companion may resolve this problem. All in all for people who...

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Sony Ericsson MP001 walkman phone cradle

For those with Sony Ericsson’s latest Walkman phones, the compact CPF-MP001 music cradle incorporates stereo speakers and a 25W (RMS) sub-woofer, turning your mobile phone into a stylish audio system. The Walkman phone simply slots on to the mount at...

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Manual recharger for cellphones

The Manual Power is a gyroscope, based on Newton’s first law. By making a rotary movement from the wrist, the rotor, which is localized in the centre of the Manual Power, is kept rotating. While rotating energy is produced, which...

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Nextlink Bluespoon AX2 tiny bluetooth headset

Bluetooth headset reviews have been a long time coming from me, because I use a carrier that has been notoriously slow to release compatible devices. In late 2005 the stars aligned and Sprint finally offered the PPC-6700, a BT enabled...

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Turn Your Music Headphones Into A Bluetooth Headset

Say you’re gleefully frying your eardrums with the help of your trusty music player. Then, you get a call. You frantically reach into your pocket with one hand while you yank your headphones with the other, only to realise it’s...

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Cardo Scala 500 Bluetooth headset

PhoneArena have published an extensive review of the Cardo Scala 500 Bluetooth headset and give it excellent marks, noting that it was very comfortable and had excellent range, battery life and clarity: Not being one of the major players in...

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Jabra BT250

Jabra have released their latest Bluetooth headset, the BT250. This great headset improves on the already-excellent BT200 by adding vibration mode and increasing battery life. The package includes a charging cradle, AC adapter, belt clip, and 4 gel earpieces. Specifications:...

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Sony-Ericsson speaker-dock

Sony-Ericsson have introduced this intriguing speaker/dock setup capable of amplifying your phone's music whilst simultaneously recharging it. From the press release: Sony Corporation and Sony Ericsson today announced a new jointly developed Home Audio System that enables owners of Sony...

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N-Gage bluetooth dual headset

The N-Gage Wireless Dual Headset is now shipping - if you live in western Europe. The lightweight headset features 6 hours of talk time and 140 hours of standby time and Bluetooth 1.2 compliance. Note that there is no charger...

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Razrwire - sunglasses cum bluetooth headset

Motorola and Oakley have announced Razrwire, a pair of sunglasses equipped with a bluetooth headset. From the press release: RAZRWIRE™ is the world’s first eyewear to combine patented Oakley optics with Bluetooth® wireless technology. "Seamless mobility is here, now with...

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